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Best known for his guitar work and songwriting in the instrumental indie-rock band Pell Mell, Dave Spalding is a singer-songwriter based in Taos, New Mexico.

His work has been featured on albums released on SST, Matador, and Geffen, and television and film projects such as Six Feet Under, Queer Eye, and Sex and the City. It can also be heard on NPR and This American Life.

Spalding is currently performing solo and with Dave Spalding's Complex. He also has an instrumental project in Los Angeles with a band called OR.

Dave Spalding's Complex
Dave Spalding in Taos
Dave Spalding on the KNCE Taos Morning Show
Dave Spalding & his trusty Gibson 335, with his high school band Half Moon Bay
Pell Mell circa 1995
Dave Spalding (L) and John Dugan (R) with Mersey's Cadillac
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